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Unstuck your career crossroad and actionate a work-life strategy that brings joy, sense and purposeful contribution.

Are you finding yourself on a  career crossroad, unsure what to do?
Do you want to feel more confidence, purpose and drive in everyday work?

Purpose bootcamp will help you to:

  • unstuck your current career situation and get clear on your next steps

  • feel confident in making the right decisions

  • get you moving forwards with concrete goals and actions

  • find more purpose and drive in everyday work

  • show up with confidence and trust in your current situation

Get over job frustration and feeling stuck. Find new energy, confidence and purpose.

Despite of all good advice from friends, family and colleagues you still have doubts or a lack of trust. Should you change position or job? A total restart or evolve in what you do? How to secure finances and a fulfilling job? Are both even possible? There are options and there is confusion.

Maybe you already tried to change your situation and yet you don't feel satisfied.

Purpose bootcamp is your tailored coaching program that will help you turn confusion, stagnation and doubt into clarity, action and confidence in your current career path.

Through pragmatic and interactive exercises you'll learn:

  • how to release stress and pressure from your job situation

  • how to focus on your values and priorities

  • how to make the right career move

  • how to take action from where you are

  • how to show up with confidence in your career path

How does it work?

Participating in purpose bootcamp you'll benefit from:

  • 3 online embodied coaching sessions (to be scheduled within 3-8 weeks)

  • online material before, during and after the coachings (audio, video, writing)

  • personal micro-practices and exercises to implement between sessions

  • personal support through Email/voice

  • personal follow-up check-in one month after the program

The investment for purpose bootcamp is 545€ (one payment) or 189€/month (three payments).

What does the body have to do with your career?

Working with embodied coaching (including postures, movement, exercises...) you'll be able to get far deeper understandings of your current challenges and immediately activate the solutions to overcome them through your own body.


Personalised micro-practices for your daily life will then help you to anchor a way of being,  thinking and (inter)acting that will move you towards your actual goals.  

In such a short time, I was able to get clarity on my fears and how I knew I wanted to move forward but was stopping myself with doubt. I still draw on this now when resistance comes. I am always amazed at how much the body knows!

Graphic designer & yoga teacher, Switzerland

amazed at how much the body knows

I consulted Susanna to get clarity about my professional situation: I wanted to change career, was afraid at the same time and didn't know which step to take next. Her support helped me to get the answers I needed - to save time and take action.

Entrepreneur, France

save time and take action

Are you a self-starter, entrepreneur in heart and life-long learner, ready to take your career to the next level? Purpose bootcamp is a match!

In only few weeks and sessions, you will know how to create a life where you do what you love and you love what you do! You'll have new drive, tools and skills to evolve throughout your career in the long run.

We are a fit if you want to

  • move towards the career you truly desire and deserve

  • make decisions in line with your values and dreams

  • put your work-life strategy into concrete action

  • develop your talents and new habits

  • live your purpose with joy, confidence and creativity

Any questions or requests?

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