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Shift how you influence yourself, others and your environment. Be body- / mind- / and impactful to drive change in the world.

How can you have the highest possible impact while taking care of yourself?
How to lead yourself in a way that inspires others and drives change in the world?

Leadershift Embodiment will help you to:

  • develop your embodied intelligence

  • shift your states of being, thinking and feeling - via the body

  • connect and interact with others in deeper and engaging ways

  • be a leader who knows when to act and when to rest
  • co-shape your environment creating positive spirals

The world is changing and we are facing major challenges. Each one of us plays an active role to shape the future and environment we're living in. There is a direct link between us, others and the world. How we feel and behave has an influence on people's responses and our natural surrounding. What change do you want to spark?

Being a leader today requires a new approach and skill-set where our own actions are aligned with the impact we want to have on others and the world.

Be the change maker you want to embody. Whether you are guiding a team,  organisation, yourself or a family, learn the keys to self resilience and creating virtuous circles around you.

Get over pushing hard or dropping off. Find the balance between doing and being, striving and letting go, being directive and collaborative. Create a rhythm of action that is in line with natural cycles. Spread the seeds for change and see them grow.

Leadershift Embodiment provides you with clear understanding, practices and tools to be the  change maker our world needs most. You'll learn how to:

  • balance your states of being

  • develop new ways of acting purposefully

  • inspire people into positive action

  • relate deeper to yourself, others and the environment

  • spark positive impact in the world

Upcoming Leadership Embodiment programs are being updated. Stay tuned - more infos coming soon!

Thank you for getting me out of my head and into my body. This not only changed my energy completely, but also the way I relate to myself - with more confidence - and others - I seem to have a much stronger and convincing presence.

HR specialist, Netherlands

fantastic experience

from within your own body

Susanna is a very skilled and highly professional embodiment coach. With her calming presence she holds space  for you to heal, process and evolve on a deeper level of consciousness, from within your own body. I gained many insights about myself when working with Susanna and learned quite a few useful tools to integrate in my daily self-care routine.

Author and Life Coach, Germany

We are a fit if you are a leader who wants to:

  • be more body- / mind- / and impactful

  • act purposefully in line with your values

  • drive positive change around you

  • inspire others authentically

  • have a positive impact on the environment

Any questions or requests?

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