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Catalyse performance within your team by new motivation and skillful communication. Use diversity as strength.

Do you want to improve team communication, cooperation, motivation and effectiveness?

A Teamshift workshop will help your team members to:

  • become aware of their own behavioural tendencies and how it affects others

  • recognize, empathise with and adapt to other peoples' behavioural styles

  • change the way they relate and communicate with others

  • use their diversity, motivations and patterns as an asset for team performance

  • have more fun and motivation in daily team work

Get over conflict and miscommunication. Build on team strengths.

Participants of this workshop learn how to recognize their own as well as other people’s needs, behaviour and communication patterns. Becoming aware of their strengths and risks, they learn how to work most effectively with each other.

Miscommunications and conflicts get productively cleared up and team members become more motivated.



Embody highly effective team work.

This workshop uses embodiment, the four elements model and business concepts to spark  real change within your team. Highly interactive exercises include reflections, movement, exchanges and role plays. These will not only help each team member to experience insight and self-discovery but also to directly change their body language, how they communicate and interact with others.

Unlike many mainstream concepts of behavioural types, the embodied approach of Teamshift, doesn't label individuals but provides an inventory of patterns together with tangible options and tools for shifting their ways of being and communicating through the body.

Personalised micro practices will be provided to the participants to practice and anchor new behaviours sustainably.

Motivate your teams more effectively.

From sales to management and leadership, any team and department will benefit from the workshop as long as they come with an open learning mindset.


Customised length and format.

Depending on your need and availability the Teamshift workshop can be delivered in person or online with a duration from 2 hours to a full day - as stand-alone session or integrated into your longer program (e.g. as part of your team-building session).

Reaching for the stars and grounded at once: each training with Susanna is an adventure as her approach brings together competence and structure with passion and high empathy for individual needs.

Annette, Journalist, France & Germany

an adventure

practical exercises allowed me to really feel a difference in the body and experience change not just mentally but also in sensations and in the body.

Training participants from all over Europe

amazing energy,
taking us all on a wonderful journey

definitely eye-opening with the insights and perspectives I gained.

Super clear. Varied approaches

We are a fit if you want to

  • motivate your team members more effectively

  • learn an embodied framework for effective communication

  • learn how to behave in a way that serves yourself and others best

  • prevent and resolve interpersonal conflict within your team

  • bring your team's work to the next level

Do you want to bring your team to the next level?

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