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Woman with Computer

Price: 18€ regular / 12€ reduced rate

1h15 online workshop

date: on demand

What's the difference between a dead body and a living body? MOVEMENT! Unfortunately most of us are barely alive while working from home... Mainly static and interacting with our main colleague: Mr. computer. What consequences does this way of working have on the range of movement we daily practice with our body? How does this influence our general way of being and thinking? Is there a way to bring naturally more movement and flexibility in our days working from home? Find out and join our interactive inquiry!

We'll exchange, move and explore how to bring more movement and fun to our working routine.

This session will help you to:

  • understand  how or posture and movement affect how we think and feel

  • practice new and less habitual movement patterns you might benefit from in life and work 

  • bring more movement into your working days

Interested? Make a pre-order here to join an upcoming session!

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