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Image by Ava Sol

Price: 18€ regular / 12€ reduced rate

1h15 online workshop

date: on demand

These nagging inner voices...No matter what, they never seem to be satisfied, hey! How about finding a way of feeling you are doing enough, being enough and just perfect as you are? The session is a container to explore how you really want to show up, gain confidence and enter into more organic connection with others. You deserve it and they do, so hop on a date with your inner critic.

We will self-reflect, exchange with empathy, move and use basic tools for awareness and new perspectives you can take on with you.

This session will help you to:

  • better deal with your inner critics

  • have more natural confidence

  • have tools to practice in the long term

What past participants said: "eye-opening", "I'm definitely gonna put to practice", "amazing energy, taking us all on a wonderful journey", "embodied learning in practice", "Loved the session"...

Interested? Make a pre-order here to join an upcoming session!

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