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Susanna is a very skilled and highly professional embodiment coach. With her calming presence she holds space  for you to heal, process and evolve on a deeper level of consciousness, from within your own body. I gained many insights about myself when working with Susanna and learned quite a few useful tools to integrate in my daily self-care routine.

Author and Life Coach, Germany

from within your own body

I consulted Susanna to get clarity about my professional situation: I wanted to change career, was afraid at the same time and didn't know which step to take next. Her support helped me to get the answers I needed. I really recommend coaching with Susanna as it has helped me to save time and take action.

Entrepreneur, France

save time and take action

In such a short time, I was able to get clarity on my fears and how I knew I wanted to move forward but was stopping myself with doubt. I still draw on this now when resistance comes. I am always amazed at how much the body knows! Thank you for leading the session in such a light and grounded way. Your presence made me feel safe to jump right into the issue at hand.

Graphic designer & yoga teacher, Switzerland

amazed at how much the body knows

Reaching for the stars and grounded at once: each training with Susanna is an adventure as her approach brings together competence and structure with passion and high empathy for individual needs.

Journalist, France & Germany

an adventure

My session with Susanna went amazingly good. I could express my views and discuss a lot with her. It was relaxing, helpful, resourceful and intriguing. I practice her tips and advices on a regular basis to make me feel calmer and happy.

Entrepreneur, India

relaxing, helpful, resourceful

amazing energy, taking us all on a wonderful journey,

It gave me a fresh and new perspective and I will have a lot to experiment with over the next weeks.

Thank you for this insightful and also very entertaining session, loved it!

Super clear. Varied approaches.

definitely eye-opening with the insights and perspectives I gained.

practical exercises allowed me to really feel a difference in the body and experience change not just mentally but also in sensations and in the body.

Training participants from all over Europe

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