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Leadershift Embodiment

empowering purpose-driven leaders to act with more impact.


Hi, I'm Susanna, your change facilitator!

I am excited to help you thrive and have an impact in this world. Let me guess: you have values, you have ideas and you want to make this world a better place. In challenging times it's easy to get distracted from your guiding thread and to start questioning whether you really make a difference. No matter the circumstances, you have all you need to be a game-changer! Where to start?
Precisely with you, embodying what you stand for, every day. That's all it needs to live your purpose with joy, inspire others and spark change in the world. Easy? Clear? Not always...

That's why I made it my passion to support you - wholehearted people and organisations - in this journey!

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How I can help you 

your personal
impact program
  • clarify what you want in life & work

  • be more relaxed and present

  • get in touch with your body

  • manage your time & energy better

  • make decisions and action plans

  • be confident to go for your dreams

& small groups

& learning innovation

for conscious & purpose-driven organisations

Empower your workplace through:

  • experiential high impact training - to upgrade your members' soft-skills

  • coaching your teams - to overcome challenges and catalyse projects

  • innovating your learning & training approaches - to transform strategically


online and in-person impact quickies

work with me

My approach

How is it  to work with me?

First of all, I work with YOU as unique people and teams. Human beings not only 'doings' or 'resources' to be upgraded in efficiency.

I create for you a professional, warm and encouraging space where youcan safely express yourself without filter, be curious, brave and learn. Helping you to tune into your mind and body, I facilitate a transformation process: on short term you'll be able to shift your  attitude towards challenges, on long term you'll develop a new skill-set and range of possibilities for life and work.
My method and tools are practical, experiential and tailored to your needs. I help you on an individual level to turn stress, anxiety, distraction and indecisiveness into flow, focus, confidence and action. As organisation I can support you by coaching your staff, innovating your training approaches, creating a common working  culture and empowering empathic, creative and  efficient teamwork.

Get in touch to chat about options for your personal impact program!

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Author and Life Coach

Susanna is a very skilled and highly professional embodiment coach. With her calming presence she holds space  for you to heal, process and evolve on a deeper lever of consciousness, from within your own body. I gained many insights about myself when working with Susanna and learned quite a few useful tools to integrate in my daily self-care routine.

I consulted Susanna to get clarity about my professional situation: I wanted to change career, was afraid at the same time and didn't know which step to take next. Her support helped me to get the answers I needed. I really recommend coaching with Susanna as it has helped me to save time and take action.

In such a short time, I was able to get clarity on my fears and how I knew I wanted to move forward but was stopping myself with doubt. I still draw on this now when resistance comes. I am always amazed at how much the body knows! Thank you for leading the session in such a light and grounded way. Your presence made me feel safe to jump right into the issue at hand.

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Graphic designer and yoga teacher

Do you want to follow your purpose, thrive and make a difference in the world?
Let's do it together!

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