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Hello change-maker!

Ready to move towards the life, work and impact you seek? Let's go for it!

I am curious: If you had a magic stick, what would you wave it for?

My bet is, you would for a start:

  1. save the planet

  2. save the people

  3. crack the mysteries of your existence


...and only then you might think of throwing a party or going for an exotic retreat.  Right guess? Bad news: that stick isn't for sale yet. Good news: you can do your magic! 

Embody the change you claim for the world.

You know it already: changing the world starts with you, unique human. But not just as fancy slogan; Therefore you certainly try hard to keep your eco-footprint small, act according to your values and stay positive about the future. As ambitious and curious life-long learner you still have those frequent questions like:

  • “What do I really want in life?"

  • "How to use my time and energy wisely?"

  • "Is my job making sense?"

  • "Where to head for the future?"

...and so on.

You have many passions, so a hard time to focus, decide and take action. Or you might end up being too patient staying in a unfulfilling situation. Maybe you feel sometimes even guilty to have these privileged  1st world reflections. I know you have high expectations on yourself.
First of all: well done for searching sense in this confusing world and I only can repeat: you are a change-maker in heart and soul! You just found the right place to get clarity about your questions and express your uniqueness to the world. I am so happy to guide you towards the life, work and impact you seek!

Embodied coaching

To transform ourselves and ultimately the world, we have to get into our bodies again. That's the only way to live in integrity and create a better world. (No more need for magic sticks, hey!) That's how we get clear about what we desire, how we want to act, evolve and connect in the world.

In my coaching sessions I will help you to get in touch with your body, mind and emotions. My approach is experiential - you can give your brain a pause! - practical, efficient and fun. Working with breath, postures, movement, visualisation and voice, you'll learn how to self-regulate in order to shift your reactions towards a situation. You'll also get exercises that are easy to apply in daily life. I'll provide guidance for long term practices if you want to develop a whole new habit, skill or trait. You'll be able to choose how and who you want to be, moment by moment, no matter the circumstance. How does that sound? Whether you are a alone-warrior or a community-lover, I have what you need:

Fauteuil jaune

Individual coaching


come as you are,
go as you want to be,
become what you wish to embody

Imprimer Tropical Sofa et mur

Small group


transform collectively



We are a fit if you want to

  • understand what you want in life and work

  • be more embodied and present to yourself and others

  • turn anxiety, stress and frustration into flow, confidence and energy

  • be aware of your talents and develop new habits

  • make decisions in line with your values and put dreams into action

  • live your purpose with joy, power and creativity

  • connect with like-minded peers

We are not a fit if you

  • are not open to learn and grow

  • chose to think it's the others' fault and they have to change

  • keep thinking you're powerless facing personal and global challenges

  • are not ready to take responsibility for your own mind-set and actions

  • see only two options: 1. Staying in your bullshit-job 2. leaving the 'system' and joining a yoga community in Bali

Do you want to follow your purpose, thrive and make a difference in the world?
Let's do it together!

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