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Welcome impact-seeker!

drive purpose, joy, leadership and innovation in your organisation and beyond.

I have seen many places where company values were headlined on posters and not put into common practice, where learning and development was supposed to happen through hour-long presentation slides, where staff members were over-pressured and widely frustrated, where hidden agendas were normality. No need to tell that such a working environment is unlikely to create a motivating, sustainable and empathic working culture of high-performing and happy employees. The opposite is possible though!

Role-modelling integrity on every level, operationalizing values through behaviour, making your people's personal and skill development a priority, enhancing embodied leadership and empathic teamwork; Only a few examples on how to transform teams, results and companies.

I want to help you in that journey! Through my experience of +7 years as trainer, +6 years of project management in several institutions (NGO, start-up, international organisations, public and private sector) and my specialization as Embodied Facilitator, I have developed a unique offer to provide you with support that is tailored to your organisation's needs*:

*possible working languages are: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian.

Are you a value-driven and human-centered organisation wanting to make your workplace a vibrant and change-driving hub? Let's talk!


Option 1

Thematic workshops & trainings:
up-skill and empower your teams

You want your workplace to be creative, mindful and enthusiastic? Help your teams deepen and gain new soft-skills. My ad hoc workshops are for you!

  • creativity, innovation
    and change management

  • facilitation skills and public speaking

  • empathic communication

  • embodied leadership

  • stress management and resilience

  • mindfulness and emotional intelligence

  • physical and mental well-being

  • motivation and team-building

  • intercultural teamwork

Examples of topics I am specialized in:

My approach is experiential and interactive so that skills are actually practised and not only theorized. The format can be adapted to your needs (online and in person) from 1 hour to several days with sustainable results proportional to the participants' implication.

Option 2

Individual & team coaching:
overcome challenges and grow

You want to provide your employees with a safe container to innovate projects, overcome specific challenges, grow personally and professionally?

Ask for embodied coaching and see your teams being able to:

  • create connection by setting a common ground of understanding and behaving 

  • catalyse projects by getting clarity, setting priorities, thinking out of the box

  • learn how to shift emotional states and mind-sets facing an issue

  • boost teamwork by improved communication and better use of unique talents

  • dare more by developing leadership, motivation and confidence

The format can be individual coaching consultations, group sessions or both with higher impact if on a regular basis.

Option 3

Strategic bundle: learning innovation,
training and corporate culture

You want to transform collectively on bigger scale?
Ask for your tailored impact program!

I provide strategic support to bring you to the next level by:

  • reviewing overall your culture, employees' mindset, learning approaches (online and in person), main challenges and outcome

  • proposing specific solutions adapted to your needs

This could mean a combination of consultancy, training and coaching sessions in order to develop the team-spirit and skills that are most aligned with what you stand for. It could also include a train-the-trainers program and recommandations on innovative online learning solutions. I have access to a network of partners in both areas if needed.

See option 1 and 2 for more information on training and coaching.

We are a fit if you

  • really care about your people and their continuous growth

  • want to role-model integrity on a big scale

  • aim at high performance through enthusiasm not pressure

  • are ready to innovate your approaches and management 

  • are eager to up-skill and empower your staff

  • want to have an impact in the world

We are not a fit if you

  • are cynical or not open to learn and grow

  • see your people only as resources for performance

  • value competition over collaboration

  • are unwilling to communicate with transparency

  • serve egos rather than people

Are you ready to embark your organisation to the next level?
Let's do it together!

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