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Good question hey! And the answer is an ongoing process.

For now I want to live and facilitate integrity, joy and connection. This is how I try my best to be a multiplier of positive change aiming at a world with happier people, togetherness and mindfulness with our planet. Somatic work and embodiment has been a key for me to translate that concept into an art of living.

I had moments in life, where my path and decisions unfolded naturally without me questioning the course of existence. Other times it was harder to access this deep feeling of being on the right way: knowing exactly what is calling me, following it with joy and determination, taking actions that are aligned with my values and what I wish for the world. The difference now is: I have precious tools to get back on my track whenever I need; the most important one: my body. That's how I help you too get back onto your track!


As multi-cultural and poly-passionate person I had hard times deciding which direction to take when entering adult life. My key claim however was to do things that make sense for me, people and nature. I mixed the seemingly perfect cocktail to have an impact in the world: graduating in Languages, business and European Affairs, becoming trainer, thrilled to support people's growth, volunteering, and managing projects in international organisations around media and education. Unfortunately I was often frustrated as I saw that the theory of purpose-oriented missions was often buried under ego-driven dynamics, internal politics and economic questions;  a lack of organizational integrity I thought. I wanted to change whole systems: companies, formal education, world economy, politics...longing for a world where we can be humans again, worthy just for being not performing, dropping the armors, creating, moving, connecting and inspiring each other.


Periods of eco-anxiety and a search for meaning brought me closer to explorations of my mind, body and its connections. Deepening my practice in dance, yoga and meditation I eventually understood that neither my frustrations nor my big claims would ever change anything, but embodying from the inside out what I stand for, can make a difference. Walking the talk, not having big arguments.

My work as Embodied Facilitator brings together my experience with life, business, training, coaching and somatic practices. That is the cocktail leading to an impact. Why? Because it's about practicing integrity, not theorizing about it: changing in us what we wish to change beyond. By empowering you to follow your purpose and to embody the people and organisations you aspire to become, we will have an impact in the world! Will you join me for that journey?



Susanna, your Change Facilitator

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